Entry pipe fitting: Fitting for copper/thermoplastic pipe carrying LPG from tank

Added heating stage: The LPG is heated in order to obtain better engine performances

LPG Filter Component used to clean the LPG coming from tank

Solenoid valve: Normally closed, has the function to intercept and stop the LPG flow

when the engine is not running or powered by petrol.

Reducer 1° stage: Chamber that allow a reduction of pressure of the LPG

Outlet fitting: Fitting for copper pipe at the outlet of the reducer, to the engine.

Outlet pressure: Allows a manual regulation of the outlet pressure in order to meet the

requirement of the different automotive engines

Pressure relief valve: Valve with a retaining spring that allows the relief of the LPG in

vapour phase from the reducer, in case of overpressure.



Material: Die cast aluminium body, CNC machined

Weight: 1,5kg (without accessories)

Size: 163 x 126x h118mm

Max. inlet pressure: 3 MPa

Outlet pressure: Variable from 1 to 2 BAR (when tested non connected to the engine)

Solenoid voltage: 13,8 V dc (12V) *

* When engine working

Solenoid power dissipation: 11W

All other functional and environmental characteristic:

According to Regulation ECE 67R - 01

Engine Power Suitable for small to high power engines (350 HP) operating at ambient temperature not lower than -10° C.

For the regions with colder climate (up to -30oC) the power have to be decreased with 20%. 

In case of operation at temperatures permanently higher than the indicated limit, the LPG reducer can be used on engines having power exceeding the range above indicated (+10%).